More about this site

At the end of 2011 we moved house, acquiring a small, delapidated orchard and a sliver of land whose far end dips its toes into The Fens. The earth is rich and full of delinquent wildlife which relishes in the semi-abandoned garden. Over time we plan to rennovate the orchard and half-tame the wilderness. To make progress, we peel precious hours from the edges of our frantic lives. To cap it all, we also decided to share our new home with a Labrador. I used to write a great deal, but the time that I have has shrunk to almost nothing and so our orchard is planted mostly at night, and my writing is distilled down to this blog.

I hope you enjoy what is here, because that's what its for. If not, then I wish you well on your journey across the internet. You might try Three Beautiful Things which I am in no way associated with, but which I love.


Velvet Snoutingdingle