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Three Beautiful Things

I lost my mojo for a while, but in the great wilderness of negativity that is The Internet, I think it's important to remind myself that there are jewels of positivity out there, and one of them is  three beautiful things. Although the original has had its final curtain, it's easy enough to find others who have been inspired. I intend to add my tributes once in a while.

  1. Grey trees dusted with bright green.
  2. The first fat bumble-bee of the year trundles past, mumbling at the cold.
  3. Two small boys, not conforming to their stereotype, walking along the road talking one aged about five, one aged about eight. The little on puts his arm around the other's back, and the bigger one puts his arms over the other's shoulder and they walk along in step.



Three Beautiful Things - fen autumn

A field of leeks in the dew, blue like molded copper.

Seeing the moon through the trees and realising that the leaves have gone and that it is dark at six.

The ash trees tossing their leaves in the gale, one side silver against a mounting black cloud