The Lair of the Water Dragon
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 11:53AM
Velvet Snoutingdingle

The jealous water spirit mocked me as I dug my drain, swearing that no rain would ever fall again in the Night Planted Orchard. It has been eight weeks and each day that passes brings heat, more cracks in the Earth and not a hint of water.

Unbowed I decided to take advantage of the deep dryness of the Earth to hack another drain this time in front of the house where there is always damp against the end wall. Lady Snoutingdingle and I suspect that in the winter, the cold water sleeps under the house, rendering part of it eternally cold.

As I dug in the heat, I found nothing but hard packed gravel and dust for most of the way and then, as I progressed along the wall, I noticed that the dust was damp. Not very damp, but distinctly less dry. The house is just below the springline of the low ridge. Perhaps there is wild water running down towards us. Perhaps the main is leaking in the road, because the road is always being dug up by the water company. Perhaps our own water pipe is leaking. Or perhaps I've found the muzzle of the water dragon, peeking out. 


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